Montag, 15. Februar 2016

Therapy for my Soul

Being with animals is therapy for my soul. They are so peaceful and beautiful that I could spend hours and hours just by sitting there and watching them (I hope they also like to be with me:)) 

I am not a big fan of zoos cause I think animals should be"free"and have the ability to behave like animals. "Survival of the fittest": this i how it worked for millions of years. Why do people use animals for their own profits? Putting them in little cages or let them work in a circus. Why should they be kept at home and why should they function when we want them to function? Being our little dolly so we can fall back on them whenever we want to. Though I know that there are so many animals that really need our "help" (and I am so thankful for the great work of Animal rights activists) I really get sad whenever I visit a zoo. I wish I could understand the language of the animals so they could tell me if they enjoy their lives in a zoo, in a household or wherever they are kept in "cages".

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